Thus, you can receive notifications about the matches of your favorite team from your phone.

Thus, you can receive notifications about the matches of your favorite team from your phone.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has begun and now millions of football fans are focused on learning all the details of each and every match played on Qatari soil. For this reason the fans They go to different digital platforms and social networks to learn about everything going on on and off the field.

However, some users don’t realize that Google services have several very useful resources for fans to keep up with what’s going on with their favorite team. in this way smartphone users can watch the World Cup.

Currently, there are several elements of the Google search engine for mobile devices. help users know about match schedules and final scores of previously played matches.

But the platform also has several tools designed to generate notifications about the tournament, which can be configured to be created for a specific team.

How to receive notifications about a team in Qatar 2022?

In the beginning, you have to go to the website created by Google for the World Cup in Qatar, to access it, simply search for the tournament on a mobile device. Next, you will need to Click on the bell-shaped button and a list of all teams playing in the World Cup will appear on the screen..

Google allows you to create notifications about Qatar 2022 matches. – Photograph: Week Screenshot

At this point, the user simply has to tick the team he has chosen to indicate the platform that focuses on reporting the latest information about that selection. It should be noted that it is possible to select several teams, therefore The service will help you have real-time news about different nations.

Google tools thus become a useful resource for keeping track of everything that happens during the World Cup, because you will have data on your phone on results, actions that occurred in a match, and reminders about matches to be played. .

Actually this tool does not work only for the World Cup played in Qatar, because It also applies to getting information about a national team participating in other international tournaments..

How to always have minute-by-minute visible results and results?

Google also provides a very useful resource for quickly checking the score of a match from a smartphone; this is thanks to the option that creates a floating window to report the results of a match.

To use this tool, the user You have to enter the website dedicated to the World Cup in Qatar and then press the ‘follow the match’ button.. Performing this action will immediately create a small floating window with the information of that encounter.

Google allows you to create a floating window with scores of Qatar 2022 matches.
Google allows you to create a floating window with scores of Qatar 2022 matches. – Photograph: Week Screenshot

The user can place this tool on any area on the screen of his phone and when they want to know the score of the game, just press it in seconds, the window will expand to present the information he has.

If you don’t want this tool to be on the screen anymore, simply tap the ‘remove’ button (located at the bottom of the screen); the floating window will disappear immediately.

How to create match reminders with Google Assistant?

The smart assistant can be a very useful resource to prevent a fan from missing a match they are interested in. To use this tool, the following steps must be followed:

  • Open the Google assistant app on the phone or use the “hey Google” voice command
  • Instruct the assistant to remind the user to watch the match that interests him
  • Google Assistant will automatically generate an alarm for the time and date of the meeting.
  • Next, you will need to hit “Very good” to confirm the reminder.
  • The user will then need to tap “Save”.

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