VAT Free Day: Criticism of the opposition's possible liquidation - Political Parties - Politics

VAT Free Day: Criticism of the opposition’s possible liquidation – Political Parties – Politics

The government faces the prospect of eliminating the last VAT free day planned year for December 2The opposition came out to defend this advantage for the Colombians.

The Democratic Center party said that “the decision to suspend the VAT-free deadline by decree is detrimental to traders who are still trying to recover from the effects of the pandemic.”

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They also stated that “this action hurts Colombians who see today as an opportunity to acquire different goods”.

In addition, the leader of this party, Álvaro Uribe, said in a statement, “The elimination of the VAT-free day passes through parents whose student children have the only chance to acquire an IPAD, smartphone and computer in these three days.

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Likewise, Senator Paola Holgín emphasized that “the VAT-free day has made commerce, industry, job creation and the country’s collection dynamic.”

Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal shared on her social networks the criticisms of former President Uribe for the possible eradication of this advantage.

Although it is not a fact yet, President Gustavo Petro recently announced on his Twitter account that these days without VAT “have caused great damage to the economy”. As mentioned above, because the sale of domestic products does not separate from imported products.

Therefore, the head of state assured: “If we want to improve the economic situation, we must stop buying imported products if they are produced in Colombia.”

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For now, the decree that could eliminate this benefit remains to be commented on until this Thursday, after which it will continue to be approved by the Ministry of Finance.

In this document, you can read the negative position of the Government regarding this day: “It is not recommended to schedule the last VAT-free day of the year as early December. It is not clear to date whether these tax holidays are justified in terms of not only less than fifteen days before their realization, which means significant administrative and preparation costs, but also the greater benefits compared to the possible costs of these tax holidays. “they state.

Similarly, it is stated that National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) Special Administrative Unit Economic Studies Sub-Directorate examined the panorama with a letter dated 16 November 2022 and explained why it was inappropriate. Running this last day without VAT.


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