The best-selling laptop in all of Amazon is this Acer, which does not reach 200 euros, but is a great option.

What should be considered to buy a cheap laptop?

If you’re thinking of buying a cheap laptop and spending less on your next computer, we’ve got you covered.

When purchasing a new laptop, there are a few sections to review. We have already mentioned all of them in our guide. What to consider when buying a laptop. However, this time we want to focus on the factors you need to consider when you want to buy a cheap one. What minimum features should it include? What are the most relevant aspects in a reasonably priced team?

In this article, we answer these and other questions. The goal is nothing but to help you choose a cheap laptop, but without sacrificing good performance. Make your purchase a success by reviewing the sections of this buying guide.


Acer Chromebook 314 2HT

The screen is the main component. Having Full HD resolution is appreciated to improve the visualization of the elements.

this screen It is an essential hardware item in any computer. You shouldn’t expect much when it comes to cheap laptops. High-quality honeycombs are paid for, and so if your computer is less than 400 euros, you won’t find much fanfare about it.

However, we believe that there are two indispensable things today. Firstly, the screen is Full HD. Models with lower resolution are still available on the market that offer very poor display of interface elements. On the other hand, the brightness should exceed at least 250 nits. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to work with equipment outdoors.


It is clear that in the price range we are moving in, processor It may not be the strongest on the market. But watch out! There are models on the market with very modest processors that can turn any task into a torment. The good thing is, avoid the lows from Intel and AMD as long as it fits your budget. It’s not hard to find computers with mid-range CPUs at low prices.

On the other hand, more and more teams are slowly coming in. ARM architecture. In this way, you will get a team with a generous amount of autonomy, although it only applies to running very simple processes. web browsing, video conferencing, or opening documents. The good thing is that you don’t make big claims when buying a sub model and you know very well what you’re going to buy it for. If you have to perform very heavy tasks, you will have no choice. pay a higher price for your new laptop to enjoy more benefits.

to store

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Convertible

Remember: the operating system uses a significant percentage of the storage and therefore 64Gb options should be discarded.

this store is usually less in the low range. In this sense, we believe that you should not settle for the minimum because in the long run you will probably regret it. To avoid making a mistake when buying one of the cheap laptops on the market, take a look at these two points:

  • storage technology. Be very careful with equipment with eMMC! For practical purposes, these laptops use an SD card as the primary storage drive. It is a very slow technology, especially when compared to SSDs. Make sure you have it on your laptop. solid state drive (SSD) and not mechanical. Of course, avoid the ones with eMMC.
  • storage capacity. Unless you plan to save a lot of files or install a lot of applications on your computer, a 128GB drive will suffice. The 256GB and 512GB options are more expensive, but worth it when you want to store documents, photos and videos. Also if you want to install lots of programs. 64GB drives (they’re usually eMMC) are not recommended because the operating system takes up a handful of gigabytes of space and leaves you with very little room for your stuff.

data store

We believe that your team should come together to enjoy a good experience. 8GB RAM As a minimum. It is not difficult to find such a large number of models at truly adjusted prices. Less, such as 4GB, punishes multitasking too much and prevents you from running multiple apps at once with acceptable performance. Take a look at our guide we told you What is it and how much RAM do you need on PC and mobile?.


Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Gen 6 - Keyboard and Display

A laptop may come without an operating system. However, Windows 11 can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

In the world of cheap laptops we find two operating systems. On one side, you will see computers running Windows, a platform with a large amount of software and wide compatibility. However, there are options with Chrome OS as well. Is the latter a good buy?

Laptops with Chrome OS are called Chromebook. They run a Google-modified version of Linux that includes the Chrome browser as the central hub of all operations. This means Integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Docs, Photos and Android phones. The main advantage of this system is that it is lightweight and generally works better on low-spec computers. The vast majority of apps are web and run through Chrome. If you are one of those users who do everything through the browser, the Chromebook will be a good buy. In addition, these teams have a high monetary value.

Finally, a final warning about this episode. Note that it comes with the selected laptop. Windows or Chrome OS. FreeDOS on some models or Linux distributions It may be difficult for you to drive a car. In such cases, you will have to install Windows yourself, in addition to purchasing a license.


What connections are good for your new team to have? Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • wireless Internetlast generation if possible.
  • Bluetooth. It is used to connect important peripherals such as headphones or mouse.
  • USB-C. ideal for connecting someone best usb hubs and expand the capabilities of the team.
  • usb-a. Maximizes compatibility with USB devices.
  • 3.5mm jack. You will need it to connect wired headphones or desktop speakers.


What should be considered to buy a cheap laptop?

Sometimes it pays to spend a little more to get a much better experience.

After considering everything mentioned in the previous sections, it’s time to address the final question: price. When the price of a laptop is under 400 euros, we think it’s really cheap. Our advice is that you don’t just get caught up in the final price. It’s true that there is equipment that is very priced out, but the manufacturer is likely to throttle key specs like RAM, CPU or storage.

If you’re looking for the best experience, make a list of models with the best features to fit your budget. Then try to find an offer for it. save when buying, consulting various online stores or visiting physical stores. Remember that sometimes it’s better to spend a little more and reap superior benefits. You will definitely appreciate it in the long run.

cheapest laptop brands

There are some manufacturers that specialize in marketing. cheap laptops. Others have a variety of ranges that you’ll find among them. economical options to work or study. What are the most recommended brands? Here is a list of our favourites:

  • HP
  • nail
  • Teclast
  • medion
  • Lenovo
  • acer
  • Asus
  • Alurine

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