Which laptop to buy for editing videos and photos |  technology

Which laptop to buy for editing videos and photos | technology

Most people who normally use the computer for video editing and photo retouching they usually do it with desktop computersalthough it is also true that a laptop may be needed as they are normally better prepared for such tasks so I can give them more mobility and comfort.

The problem is not all laptops are suitable for this type of taskbecause both photo retouching and video editing are not two conditions we can have. laptop with little power.

It is also true that everything will depend heavily on experience and the level we have while using the tool. computer Retouching photos or editing video will not be the same as simply doing it as if we were meant to be real professionals.

That’s exactly why today we’re going to try to make sure you have all the information possible so that you have the perfect computer to process both videos and photos.

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Portable for editing or retouching, but with what prospects?

As we mentioned above, our expectations from the computer and what we will do from the computer will determine the most suitable way for us.

Before we get into the topic of laptop search, we need to be very clear. what are our predictionshow we will use it and what software will mark our tasks, but we must also be clear about: if we just want it for photo retouching, only video editing or both.

We make such a claim because photo retouching allows much more with computer features than video editing because the latter requires more ambitious specifications.

So always before you start looking for a laptop for these tasks we need to be clear about which programs to usebe photoshop Y Premiere Protwo kings in both directions.

From there, we can start looking for computers that can handle these tasks by looking at components such as the processor, graphics card, or processor. data store, because they are the main reasons why everything runs smoothly on such tasks. we don’t care if Windows or view.


The processor is an absolutely necessary part when creating a video or processing a photo.

In these cases, everything in this part of the job computer Both physical cores and execution threads will be important.

As you know, today we have two brands that set the microprocessor standard for desktop and laptop computers. information Y AMD.

If we choose Intel processors, there is at least one thing to consider. core i5although it is best to have directly an i7. If we decide on an AMD, we should not settle for less than an AMD. Ryzen 5if we can install ryzen 7 it will be better

We must have at least one processor. quad core and 8 threads.

apple macbook pro

data store

If the processor is an essential part, what is memory? data store It is not far behind as we will need a good capacity to carry programs as demanding as Photoshop.

The minimum we need to work with this photo editing program 16 GBbut if we’re going to work with 4K files, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to upload whatever is in the video. up to 32GB.

At this point, we will also give you some advice that may be extremely necessary in the long run. The laptop you buy must allow the memory to be upgraded data storethis means you can have the minimum right now and if you need more in the future you will have to replace it.

LG big 17Z95P

graphics card

For video editing graphics card This is not something that worries us too much, we always keep in mind that we must have a quality one. But when we arrived create videothen yes we will need GPU to allow us to perform this task fluently.

What we always recommend for both desktop and laptop is, a dedicated graphics cardbecause they have their own processors and memory that will enable them to manage graphics much more agile and fluently and give better results.

In all this, the type of processing we will continue will have a special effect, because rendering video in 720p, 1080p, 4K or 3D will not be the same.

Minimum score we can get 4GB of memory for this type of hardware (GPU)however, this amount may be a little low if we are going to give our videos a lot of resolution.

Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED


The internal storage of the computer may not be something overly necessary for the tasks that concern us today, but it is also true that the video processing that we will do, for example, is true. run in high resolution, the result will be files that take up too much space..

It is true that we can use external hard drives, but the best combination should have an SSD dedicated to the operating system and programsaccompanied by HDD where we save all the remaining data.

In this case, we suggest a 256 or 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD (the second one is better) and one HDD a 7,200rpm with 1TB or more.

HUAWEI MateBook 16s


Obviously, ports will also be a very important part when it comes to everything related to photo retouching and video editing, but it’s more about those operations and not directly those operations. devices from which we will receive images or videos.

Anyone who needs a computer for the tasks we mentioned will also need ports on their laptops to be able to connect.SD/microSD cardsthrough a monitor, adapters for multi-reading systems, USB, HDMI, USB C connectors etc..

MSI Creator Z16 A11UE-019ES


Although not the same as seeing information in a file screen In order to have sufficient quality in terms of colors, brightness, contrast and liquidity, we need to compare our future laptop with a desktop monitor. at least in QHD quality or higher.

Now, yes, in this case it would be best if the minimum quality we just mentioned was given in a package. external display and the bigger the better, because that way it will be possible for us to visualize all the content, whether it’s a photo or a video. much more detailed.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4


In this sense, you should also be clear about what tasks you will use the computer for. requires an investment that is not exactly small.

Budget will have to go accordingly in order to get all the necessary hardware for maximum fluency in the laptop but having to spend a large amount of money although it is true that we can find a computer that meets our demands with all the amenities we have today.

If you follow all the advice we give you within your budget, you will surely find the best laptop for photo retouching and video editing.

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