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COMPANY / Madrid, designation of high BIOCONTROL technology

Madrid will be the nerve center of High Tech in the field of Biocontrol next 13 and 14 December. Major sponsors of BIOCONTROL & BIOMES 2022: Idai Nature (gold sponsor) and Futureco Bioscience, Janssen PMP and Probelte (bronze sponsors)

The city of Madrid will be the nerve center of high technology in the field of biocontrol and plant and soil microbiome by hosting the first BIOCONTROL & BIOMES 2022 congress on 13 and 14 December. This congress was organized by the prestigious international journal New. AG International has a long, dense and well-known history in the organization and development of leading international conferences on high-tech agriculture. The event is sponsored by leading companies in the industry: Idai Nature (gold sponsor) and Futureco Bioscience, Janssen PMP and Probelte (bronze sponsors).

BIOCONTROL & BIOMES 2022 will bring together experts and professionals to address new solutions, opportunities and future of biocontrol in sustainable agriculture in Europe to support and develop the BIOAG strategy. A scenario for reflection and discussion combining industry knowledge, scientific excellence and cutting-edge innovation

The thematic axes to be analyzed in the sessions are: focus on innovation in biocontrol; pioneering innovations in biocontrol; interactions between plants and microbes, biocontrol and the biome sector; first day industry news opportunities and insight; and second, the sessions are: commercialization of next generation biological control products; from laboratory to soil: research and field test results and interactions between plants and microbes. Three main conferences will be organized by well-known researchers; The first will be the keynote by Angela Sessitsch from AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, on Microbial Endophytes, Molecular Approaches to Discovering Them, and Endophyte-Based Applications. Two other important conferences will be held on the second day; first, Development of a Biological phytosanitary product: from patent to commercialization: Trichoderma asperellum Strain T34 by María Isabel Trillas Gay, professor emeritus of the University of Barcelona, ​​and second, Pathogens, Plant Hosts, Biocontrol Agents and Environment: Both Sacro Cuore Catholic in Milan A new approach to biofungicide development will be presented by Vittorio Rossi, Senior Lecturer at the University of California, and Researcher Giorgia Fedele.

On the other hand, on the 13th, there will be a face-to-face evening seminar called Biocontrol Regulation in Europe, followed by a networking dinner. During this 18:30 – 19:30 seminar, they will review the current regulatory framework for regulating biopesticides in Europe and point out deadlines and developments that regulatory managers should know. There will be a brainstorming session where previously submitted questions will be answered as a group. Questions can be submitted anonymously or asked in person that day

The Congress takes place over two busy days and takes place in a hybrid format, i.e. digital experiences that will showcase the full content of the event alongside participation and face-to-face experiences in Spain. For those who can’t attend in person, experience it with additional keynotes, discussion panels, and a fully inclusive meeting schedule.

The organization of the congress draws attention to the fact that all individuals and institutions that want to attend, whether face-to-face or digitally, can benefit from the extension of the discounted fee.

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