Computer security is everyone's business

Computer security is everyone’s business

Use of digital technologies has had exponential growth It is possible to verify day by day. Evolution technological makes the use of tablets extremely common in the management of our business; smartphones, hard drives, computers and portable memory, all in the context of technical concepts such as cloud computing; broadband; internet of things; artificial intelligence; analysis data; among others, included in our common conversation.

At the individual level, applications, programs and computing devices. The mass use of mobile phones and the consequent access to social networks, entertainment venues and informationvarious payments, purchases digital and countless other activities.

this Business increasingly emphasize its use. computer technologies, because in them it is possible to find tools that increase their productivity, facilitate production, intensify market penetration and help them reflect the needs of their customers. Public institutions are also immersed in the dynamics of technological progress in the management of their processes, thus informationprovision of public services, attention to procedures and material duties of different areas of government, computingthus contributing to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

high level technologicalization The survival of societies has undoubtedly brought great benefits, an example of which is digital tools For the creation of remote work, education and health programs crucial to addressing the difficult conditions arising from the health emergency caused by the covid-19.

In the context examined, security in computer equipment, computer attacks aimed at individuals and institutions. This is updated when attempts are made to intentionally and unlawfully violate access to the equipment, and information in computing devices. The motivations for this can be economic, including confiscation of assets such as: data peoples; intellectual property and patents; Or they could even be political, as reflected by different recent leaks around the world, particularly the iconic Wikileaks case, the largest leak of classified documents from the US government.

Mexico’s National Autonomous University commemorates International Computer Security Day on November 30th, continuing the initiative launched by the Computer Hardware Association since 1988 to raise awareness among computer users. technologies between information and communication about threats and measures that can be taken to protect yourself. This commemoration is useful to reflect the different levels of responsibility involved in the task. information securityBesides, the importance of keeping in mind is our information it is valuable, so anyone can be the target of an attack to get it.

In this context, people can take measures to ensure our safety. Digital environmentwith the use of strong passwords of several characters, including special characters and numbers; avoid public networks to perform banking transactions; do not open links or files of unknown origin received via email or instant messaging; keep up to date Softwareespecially antiviruses.

Private and public institutions, in addition to fulfilling their own purposes and missions, should also pay attention to the regulations regarding life safety. information as part of people’s lives. Rightsto have an operational design that provides greater protection with appropriate organizational, infrastructure and procedural configuration.

a comprehensive view information security It means that the state guarantees its existence. legal framework adequate and up-to-date; regulatory bodies responsible for monitoring compliance; as well as areas where it is possible to request a refund Rights when people are violated; however, in addition, encouraging the building of a culture of safety in school spaces, dissemination of good practices and awareness of responsibility in the management of different activities should also be taken into account. digital tools.

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