Computer Today's 630 number is already at your kiosk!  |  technology

Computer Today’s 630 number is already at your kiosk! | technology

NEW OPPORTUNITIES, NEW THREATS. Digital technologies are taking place more and more in our lives. Over the last 24 years, we have witnessed their evolution, an accelerated evolution that has changed the way we work, the way we relate to each other, communicate and interact with the world. They changed our way of life. And meanwhile we saw how the PC had fallen into the background and how the mobile phone had become an inseparable companion; how devices of all kinds are getting smarter and ‘intelligent’ in our homes and cars; helped the birth and growth of online businesses and social networks; We have witnessed the emergence and democratization of technologies long ago unimaginable.

Today, we can say that everything is more convenient, fast and simple. Maybe too much… and also more dangerous. And it is how we automatically perform endless tasks without thinking that the display of these opportunities leaves the door open to new risks and threats. But either out of ignorance or a perception that it is not necessary, we often give up on security measures in the face of a real risk: According to a report by ObservaCIBER, 41.1% of the population declare risky behavior as not keeping updates up to date. to date, clicking on questionable links or downloading files from untrusted networks.

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And at a time when most people are increasingly storing data on their smartphones and taking a walk, both physically and virtually, we often rely on the default security of devices. Contacts, appointments, emails, private photos, bank details and all kinds of important and personal documents travel haphazardly on our portable companion. And that’s more data than we’ve already entrusted to our personal computer at home. However, although the operating systems of these terminals are leading in terms of security and there is more control over the installations made, according to a report from the security firm Zimperium, 23% of mobile phones worldwide have malware. We have quickly adapted to the mobility of devices, data and even work, yes, but the security measures to be implemented in these situations are still a pending issue.

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Top 5: Important news…

…and what they mean to you.

photo of the week

Camera by parts.

Topic of the Week: Low-Profile Apple

Instead of a big presentation invitation, Apple launched itself in October with two iPads and…

Topic of the week: Radiation hazard?

The radiation levels emitted by some smartphones are slightly below the recommended maximum limits. What does it mean?

Topic of the week: Smart investment?

Computer Today tested this. What is the advantage of generating electricity with a solar panel module for the balcony? We will tell you about its profitability in the first year.

All about security: A range of secure and quality laptops

Dynabook, formerly Toshiba and now owned by the Foxconn group, has once again surpassed itself with its Tecra and Portégé series, offering products focused on workplace safety.

Device of the week: eufyCam 3/3C, protected home

Cameras, which are increasingly found in homes, are on the rise. Now, eufy brings us two completely refurbished kits.

News: News

The latest in technology, apps, streaming, VR, companies, education, startups, entertainment and social media.

Available: Hobby of the week

He defined himself.


Your data is always protected: guardians of the smartphone

We present this team of superheroes that will come to the rescue of your mobile phone: apps that have the task of protecting you against malware, hacker attacks and data spying.

Mobile apps on your PC: The best Android emulators for PC

Do you want to install mobile applications and games on your computer? Do it through one of the best Android emulators for Windows computers.

Squeeze your Windows 11: learn how to use Nearby

Windows’ Nearby functionality is unknown to many users and is actually an extremely interesting tool for sharing between devices.

Worksheets: Highlight differences between rows

With a few simple mouse clicks, you can compare data across multiple columns to highlight their variances directly. We tell you how.

Best tricks: everything at your fingertips with Philips Hue

This hugely popular lighting system knows almost no boundaries. Next, we’ll talk about the great features Hue systems have and some of the other alternatives available.


8 Dolby Atmos soundbars: 360º movie sound

The surround sound of movies and TV shows is conquering music, television and more. Find out now how Dolby Atmos is revolutionizing the audio world.

latest technology

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max power station, Ring Spotlight Cam Pro camera, Polaroid P2 Music Player speaker, Asus TUF Dash 15 laptop, Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro 60 smartphones and Honor PAD tablet.

User Tests Computer Today

BROKEN! under a magnifying glass


Technology for everyone: Combining brain and machine

Future brain-machine interfaces are intended to generate new prediction models that will change the world. But what threats and challenges lie behind all this?

Technology for everyone: Programming and programmers

September 13, International Programmers Day is celebrated. We now present the five most influential programmers in history.

We solve your doubts: Questions and Answers

There are many questions regarding technical issues that you send us. In this section, we answer all your questions.

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