Do you have an old laptop?  We offer you 5 options to give it a new life.

Do you have an old laptop? We offer you 5 options to give it a new life.

It is a device that has a lot of money, but we do not know what to do with it and we are afraid to throw it away.

Not three old laptops

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Joyful old laptop It no longer works like the first day, it works slowly, it is not capable of running conventional applications fluently, and that’s why you retired it.

But there are things that don’t require a lot of power and that your old computer can still easily do. Here, we’ll give you five options to breathe new life into an old laptop, and you’ll decide which one is best for you or which you think is best for your situation.

There are some utilities that require minimal computer knowledge, while others are very simple.



Turn it into a kids computer

Maybe you didn’t know, but Google has an operating system like Windows, but simpler and can be installed on any computer instead of Windows. called Chrome OS Flexible. According to the creators, they tested it on over 400 old computers.
Once installed you will have many parental control options, you will be able to install Android apps and you will have a whole internet world at their disposal for the little ones to explore safely.
It may seem difficult, but it is not. You only need a USB stick to install the installer. The rest is to follow the instructions they give you.



Turn this into a family calendar/agenda

You can configure the old computer to be the planning center for the whole family. You can set it to show only the Google Calendar screen shared with all family members’ accounts, so everyone sees each other’s commitments and doesn’t conflict or miss any events. And who says about family, class, study group etc.
If you want Google Calendar to appear in full screen just by turning on the computer, you need to enable Windows Kiosk mode. This is a very useful function for public computers that do not have to exit an application, such as airport check-in counters or ATMs.



Turn it into your multimedia center

If you like to download movies and music, you definitely have a huge collection of videos and MP3 files, as well as thousands of photos you must have taken in the last few years. Well, take all this content, copy it to a hard drive and connect it to the old laptop.
On the laptop you can remove all applications and put only one called. complicated.
Plex is a utility that distributes all this content from the old laptop to other mobile phones and computers in the house, and they need to install the application too. There are also over 250 live TV channels that can be watched for free with Plex.

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Make a network hard drive for backup

Network drives (known as NAS) are any type of file server that can be accessed externally if accessed from anywhere on your home network or even the Internet.
Old laptop with its own hard drive or another USB connection can be used to centralize all content, not just multimedia.
If you’re a bit clumsy or just like to experiment, put a system on your old laptop that controls the distribution of files and content on your computer, allowing you to share and access them from anywhere. One of the most recommended options True NAS Core.



make yourself a smart mirror

If you have some dexterity, it’s an excellent idea to put the laptop somehow supported behind a one-way mirror and a small wireless keyboard. In this way, while you are getting ready in front of the mirror (may be at the sink), content, news, etc. You can watch.
In Internet shops, there are one-way mirror plates, one side of which is a mirror and the other side allows only the illuminated to pass, so that only the computer screen can be seen.

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