“Every $3 in tech is invested in the cloud”: Google Cloud

“Every $3 in tech is invested in the cloud”: Google Cloud

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commitment Google Cloud in colombia Educating 40 million people cloud savvy, Says Juan Pablo Consuegra, country manager for Google Cloud Colombia.

“There is a definition of digital transformation that encompasses the company’s vision. What we’re doing at Google Cloud is accelerating the capacity a company has to digitally transform its business, whatever its type, said Consuegra, country manager for Google Cloud Colombia.

When asked how much they invested in technology and technology, digital transformation companies in Latin America, expert, cloud computing The second area of ​​the largest investment in LatamAccording to Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Report (Skillsoft).

“Fields The largest investment in Latin America is Cyber ​​Security, with 50% of IT departments investing in it and 48% in Cloud Computing. and 32% in Governance and Compliance.”

He noted that cloud technology has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years and that large investments have been made in this field around the world. “The cloud market in the world reaches 460 billion dollars and one out of every $3 goes into this business”, said Consuegra.

The trend in Latam is in line Global investment priorities, where 50% of IT departments attach importance to cybersecurity Cloud computing (44%) and Governance and Compliance (37%) as the main investment areas.

How did Google Cloud get started?

Google opened its first office in Colombia in 2011 and collaborated intensively with companies, government, media, academia and associations to develop strategies in favor of the country’s digital ecosystem and for small and medium-sized companies to incorporate the Internet. companies. .

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The first Google office in Colombia opened in 2011 at the World Trade Center in Bogotá with 7 people. In June 2014, we opened our Google offices (sustainable with Leed certificate) in the OXO Center building, which we continue today.

What does Google Cloud offer organizations?

Google Cloud accelerates organizations’ ability to digitally transform their business. It offers business solutions in the cleanest cloud in the industry and based on Google’s latest technology. Customers in more than 200 countries and regions choose Google Cloud as their trusted partner to solve their most critical business problems and continue to grow.

Google Cloud makes the digital transformations of Colombian companies a reality with data and analytics.

this Analytics is a competitive advantage: our customers take advantage of being more efficient and take advantage of opportunities and make better decisions through data management.

What kind of opportunities does cloud technologies have in Colombia?

Early uses of the cloud focused on transitions (“lift-and-slide”) and cost optimization. But noworganizations of all kinds, from large corporations to small corporations, They seek an ally in the cloud to drive deeper transformations from the way they work and even reinvent their business model.

It is always important to reinforce that when we talk about cloud technologies today we are talking about much more than data storage. this cloud offers distributed computing power to solve complex problemsIt brings scale and flexibility to an organization’s IT operations.

What is Google Cloud’s mission in the Colombian business sector?

Our mission is to accelerate organizations’ ability to digitally transform using the scalability, efficiency and intelligence of the cloud.

What are the factors driving Google Cloud’s business?

We understand that the future is business will be more digital and we are focused on developing technology that meets needs created from trends in every industry.

There are three key areas that drive our work:

Customers want data processing and analytical power. We differ in two ways:

BigQuery: provides real-time and predictive analytics

Customers value our differentiated solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Customers want a more collaborative world, and Google Workspace is playing a huge role. New integrated user experience. Collect messaging, video calls, documents and tasks.

Increasingly, customers are moving to the cloud to increase operational efficiencies and reduce IT costs. Our strength in the multicloud represents an advantage of this size.

What are the cloud business development opportunities in Colombia?

Economic growth of companies: there is an opportunity to take advantage of the country’s economic growth making the cloud an ally of the enterprise sector and solving critical problems for businesses.

Develop the potential of digital local companies: The region has seen an explosion in innovation and unicorn generation. For digital native companies, we provide reliable, highly scalable and cost-effective infrastructure to run applications, along with a comprehensive set of data and analytics technologies and collaboration tools that enable innovation.

Industry Transformation: We have some focus sectors (Banking, Commerce, Healthcare, etc.) We have specialists at all stages of working with customers, as well as custom product development to integrate technologies that solve specific challenges in each industry.

the future of work: Fundamental change in how and where we work requires new and stronger connections and collaboration. Google Workspace offers everything you need to perform any task in one place; It combines applications that millions of people use and love (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, etc.) with specific functions for organizations of different sizes and types.

in Latin AmericaBefore the pandemic, 3% of employees were working remotely. In Q2 2020 this changed between 20% and 30% (+/- 23 million people)).

Even if we return to some face-to-face activities, many organizations will maintain hybrid models, rdoubling the importance of communication and collaboration tools.

For Consuegra, all industries and companies of all sizes have significant opportunities to explore and benefit from digital transformation. “Cloud technologies support the digital transformation of companies in Colombia,” he said.

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