Evolution of dental technology reflected in 6 developments

Evolution of dental technology reflected in 6 developments

Everything has clearly changed in the last 100 years. And dentistry would be no less. on the portal dentistry.com They review the main advances and changes in the dental industry during this period.

Data protection

In this sense, those who have not applied to the dental clinic digitization of your patient data To be able to access them from devices connected to the Internet. While this simplifies many tasks when it comes to management and better understanding of patients’ needs and history, The downside is that they are accessible to cybercriminals..

That’s why every dental clinic has had to take on the responsibility of not only digitizing the data, but also protecting it, and it’s important for you to know. how to comply with data protection regulations in clinics as well as a series Practical aspects of data protection in dentistry.

Materials and production of implants and crowns

The article highlights: The most important technological advances in the last decade have been in the field of implants, crowns and bridges.. Especially when it comes to use titanium implant vs. zirconiumeven use of smart dental implants with nanoparticles and light sourcessomething unthinkable decades ago.

Moreover, Labs embraced the digital process in the design and manufacture of crowns, bridges and implantsis currently fully customized and therefore, much more efficientcompletely adapting to the patient.

3D printing has arrived

Rapid prototyping, or better yet custom manufacturing, was the main driving force behind the invention of 3D printing. Although the first attempts are not goodReports the article by Eldridge Nicholson, over time its use has changed the dental landscape.

So today Design and manufacture of aligners and holders in 3D printing is no longer awkwardFor example.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can read this Introduction to 3D printing (rapid prototyping) as a tool for technological innovation in the dental field.

Dentistry goes digital

When we talk about digital dentistry, “a wide variety of technologies and devices developed in recent years containing new or computer-controlled components” explains the article.

Examples of digital tools that can be used in a dental practice include digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, dental lasers, optical scanners, and CAD/CAM.

browser revolution

Technological advances and the incredible work of digital dentistry perhaps one of the biggest changes in our industryThe publication explains: browsers that evolve with technology and catch up fast.

There are professionals who go so far as to claim that they are. intraoral scanner changed the rules of digitization game in dentistry.

Electric toothbrushes and irrigators

Now we can use not only “all life” brushes, but also manual brushes. can we use electric toothbrush with timers, audio signals and different speeds.

On the other hand, dental irrigators are must-have devices for braces wearers and for those who want to go beyond just brushing their teeth to help prevent many dental and gum problems.

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