How to translate text from pictures on Android and iPhone

How to translate text from pictures on Android and iPhone

Have an image you want to translate with your smartphone? There are various tools that can help to translate text from images on Android and iPhone. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we have moved from having to search for words in other languages ​​in a dictionary, to looking for solutions online by simply installing an app.

Today’s smartphones have made everyone’s life easier by giving us a translation tool in the palm of our hand who needs to listen to or even ‘read’ the text that appears on a photo to tell us its meaning.

How to translate text from pictures on my phone?

If we are going on a trip abroad and we come across a text that we want to translate, you can do this by typing it into various free text translation apps that you can download to your smartphone.

We’ll start with the most well-known of these, Google Translate, which supports up to 108 languages ​​and is available for both Android and iPhone device users. But if you’re one of those people who don’t like to spend some time with what you see on your phone on vacation, then image translation is the solution for you.

Google Translate

This app is available for both Android and iPhone users, and the best part is that it’s free! Google translate has the ability to instantly translate text on images in 94 languages, just point your camera at the text you want to translate and the app will do all the work for you.

If the instant translation isn’t what you expected, you have the option to turn it off and use the scan mode instead. Point your camera at the text and press the camera button. Tap Select all and use your finger to highlight the word or phrase you want to translate.

Additionally, you can import photos into the app. If you think your resort won’t have an internet connection, download the language pack you need, because this useful app can work even offline. Download Google Translate for: Android anyone iphone.

microsoft translator

The Microsoft translation app has the ability to translate up to 70 languages ​​and is available for free for Android and iPhone users. Just press the camera button and take a photo for the app to do its thing; however, unlike Google translate, it does not offer instant translation.

Microsoft Translator can work with images shot vertically or horizontally, making it ideal if you want to capture longer text. Just like Google translate, you can also download languages ​​to use in offline mode. Download the Microsoft translator for Android anyone iphone.


If you’re planning a trip to the Asian continent, Papago is an ideal choice for you, offering incredible support for Asian languages ​​including Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.

How to translate text from pictures on Android and iPhone

The translation of the word “papago” in Esperanto means “parrot” and if you are on vacation in any Asian country you will be happy to hold it in your arms. This app is available for free for Android and iPhone users and, according to its users, has higher accuracy than Google Translate, which tends to fail when it comes to Asian languages.

Want to translate an image from Chinese to Thai or convert an ad you’ve seen in Japan to English text? With Papago’s Image Text Translator this task can be done easily and quickly. Download Papago for Android Y iphone.

Photo Translator: Web Text

This app allows you to translate the text of the images with the Scan or Import options from your gallery, the photos imported from the gallery will be automatically translated with your text recognition tool.

With the Photo Translator app, point your phone’s camera to translate text from images around you, whether it’s billboards, billboards, handwritten announcements or notes. Download Photo Translator for Android Y iphone.

Abbyy TextGrabber

Although this app is not free, it is worth mentioning in this list. Abbyy pioneered optical character recognition, the technology that powers the image translation used today.

Award-winning image scanner and translator app Abbyy TextGrabber offers offline text recognition in 60+ languages ​​and real-time translation directly on the camera screen in 100+ languages ​​online and 10 offline languages. Download TextGrabber for: Android Y iphone.

I translate

I translate also has the function to translate text from images, but only for the Premium version of the app. This feature is known as iTranslate Lens. The highlight of this paid app is that you can change the size of the translation box and move it around as you wish. You can expand or shrink it as much as you want to create any text inside the box.

Unlike the apps presented above, where the guide box is fixed in the middle of the screen, in “I’m Flipping” you have the option to move it to where it fits best on your screen. At the end of the translation, you have the option to watch full screen and make wider observations. Finally, this app supports more than 100 languages ​​and dialects. I translate for download Android Y iphone

How can I translate texts from pictures on my computer?

Image text translation apps can be of great help while on vacation, but what about when we get back home and want to convert our images into translated text using a PC or Mac?

There are websites like Yandex or Translate to translate text from images from home, we just need to upload an image, select the language of the text we want to translate and have the site automatically detect the source language and that’s it. You will get the translation of your picture in just a few seconds.

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