Products and processes and cable technology as a service are the keys to the future, according to IDC |  DevOps

Products and processes and cable technology as a service are the keys to the future, according to IDC | DevOps

Organizations that embrace digital will be able to quickly adapt to the interconnected economic, political and social volatility that the coming years are certain to bring, according to an IDC report listing the company’s 10 IT industry forecasts around the world.

The report states that leading organizations will overcome these devastating storms “by transforming into resilient digital businesses where value creation relies on the effective use of rapidly evolving and innovative technologies.”

According to Rick Villars, vice president of IDC’s worldwide research group, many organizations need to shift to a “digital-first” mindset in order to be successful when implementing their technology initiatives.

IDC’s FutureScape 2023 study focuses on the external factors that will disrupt the global business ecosystem in the next 12-24 months and the challenges facing IT teams around the world. These are the company’s tech forecasts.

  • Process-as-a-service and smart products will evolve

The number of technology-focused organizations on the Fortune Global 500 list will double in the next five years. More emphasis will be placed on adding as-a-service elements such as customer experience enhancement and intelligent process automation to the digitally optimized physical and virtual products that will dominate future IT budgets.

  • Growth of cable technology will increase as-a-service business models

One of the most notable developments in the IT industry in the coming years will be the expansion of technology delivery through individual technology, which IDC describes as “an attempt to connect computing, storage, networking and software-defined ideas”. devices, plus the idea of ​​a cloud-based control airplane, to a system design idea well known in aviation: wire flight,” Villars told TechRepublic. “It’s used in most modern airliners and all high-performance military aircraft.”

According to the IDC report, there will be autonomous systems, software-defined functions, AI-powered cloud-based control systems and data-driven decision making. While cost will be the primary driver of wireline adoption, additional benefits include enhanced digital flexibility, faster access to innovative technologies at scale, simplified systems and reduced debt tech.

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