Shocking number of downloads in 2022

Shocking number of downloads in 2022

Virtual wallets are getting bigger every day. So much so that it has been downloaded 100 million times so far this year. all information

100 million mobile wallets already downloaded in 2022, according to a report by Finbold. Although these results represent a decrease compared to 2021, they are well above previous years.

On November 22, Finbold released two charts showing the evolution of app installs offering cryptocurrency wallets. To do this, Statista gathered information provided by AppMagic and themselves.

The publication details that 21 applications were evaluated. Smaller wallets popular in a particular country are therefore not included.

These are detailed below: ABNB Currency Wallet; MetaMask Wallet; Binance; Bitcoin and Crypto DeFi Wallet; Bitcoin Wallet; Wallet; BRD Bitcoin Wallet; BTC Coin Wallet; Coinbase; Coinbase Wallet.

Also: Coinomi; CoinSwitch; l DeFi Wallet; Dogecoin Wallet; Enjin Wallet; Exit Wallet; Satoshi Wallet; Status Wallet; Sweat Wallet; Trust Wallet; Wirex Wallet.

Wallets: what are they about

One of the most important elements in the cryptographic world and blockchain technology is wallets or wallets. The use of these tools is essential when managing our cryptocurrencies.

Virtual wallets are being used by more and more people

Therefore, choosing the appropriate one that meets our needs is as important as owning it.

The term wallet refers to a virtual wallet, wallet or purse in which we can manage our cryptographic assets. It is software or hardware specially designed to store and manage the public keys and private keys of our cryptocurrencies.

Unlike the traditional financial system, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies They are purely digital currencies that do not exist in the physical world and work based on cryptography.

Therefore, the design of wallets is vital in order to be able to operate and manage our funds. While the term wallet may seem similar to the term we use to store our physical money, the truth is that in cryptocurrencies, what is really stored in wallets are public and private keys.

MetaMask, one of the wallets with the most users

MetaMask was originally released to support the Ethereum blockchain. and decentralized applications (DApps) running on it.

It is now available as a browser extension and a smartphone app.

MetaMas is one of the most successful virtual wallets

MetaMas is one of the most successful virtual wallets

The company was launched in 2016 and has leveraged its first mover advantage to become one of the most popular and widely integrated wallets and is one of the few companies that supports almost any blockchain network.

MetaMask currently supports Avalanche, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, HECO Mainnet, Optimism and Arbitrum, and it is easy for users to use various bridges to transfer tokens between supported networks.

Additionally, it has added a swap function directly to the wallet to give users access to an aggregated list of decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

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