Taking your PC or laptop for repair can put your privacy at risk

Taking your PC or laptop for repair can put your privacy at risk

If we need to repair a PC, laptop or mobile phone and we decide to take it for a service repair shopit should be taken into account that privacy of our data may be in danger. It has been found that at least 50% of cases privacy violations occur and women bear the brunt of it.

We all know how important it is keeping our personal data safe to avoid security problems. Ours Nameaddressmail Y password They are essential as they are used in most of the accounts we do for websites, services or programs. Another very important aspect to consider is our privacy or hiding everyone’s private life except for those we decide to upload on social networks. If we talk about privacy violations in computer repair shops, this is where the most controversy arises, because they are a fact and the issue is more serious than expected.

Be careful when sending your computer for repair: they access and steal your data

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada found that half of all laptop repair technicians have committed a data privacy breach. Using the registry of repaired laptops 12 shops offering repair services, 6 from these places they had access to personal data. The worst of them 2 of them they took the next step and they copied the data on a storage device, so they have the victims information. It comes as no surprise that women are more likely to be victims of this breach of privacy. photos of a sexual and non-sexual nature, documents and financial information.

According to one of the researchers, Hassan Khan, these are the results are alarming, because copying them indicates that your personal data is no longer safe. Nothing is known about their use, but other data are available. In total, the inquiry was made by sending. 16 laptops To various stores in Ontario. Among them were two cases where the repair was done in person and here the technician could not examine the personal data. Now we move on to 6 cases. violated privacywhere everything is smooth or malware-free Windows 10 laptops, only audio driver disabled.

They were then tuned to look like male and female computers and filled with photos, documents, and cryptocurrency wallets. All we have to do to fix this little problem is re-enable the driveralready verified that repair technicians are working chose to access personal data.

They ask you for a password to repair your laptop, even if they don’t need it.

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We continue the investigation by citing another factor that makes us doubt the reliability of these computer repair shops. And most of them do not offer any privacy policy and require the customer to provide their password to access the laptop. This is perfectly normal to perform repairs that require it, but there are other situations. only the BIOS should be accessed and therefore not used. To confirm this, the researchers took an ASUS UX330U laptop to 11 stores for battery replacement.

As we know, change battery no password required, because it is enough to change it and access the BIOS to see if it is functional. Again, 10 out of 11 repair shops asked the user for credentials. When the customer asks if it can be repaired without a password, 3 of them are yes, 4 of them are not responsible if they can’t. was telling the client to remove the password and the last one claimed to restart the computer if needed.

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