Technology is the best weapon against inflation |  digital content

Technology is the best weapon against inflation | digital content

With that being the case, we’re terrified that Daddy Yankee will think twice or three times to sing that famous song.”gasoooliiiiinaaa open, give me ‘ma’ gasooooliiiiinaaaaaa»because to be stupid neither the price of it nor many other things is there.

yes reader inflation is rampant. It has been positioned at levels unseen in this kingdom since the early 80s of the last century – oh, the 80s! – shutting the economic taps, squeezing the pockets so that not even a thin euro cent can come out of it. Welcome inflation.

How long will we see inflation at these levels? In the USA, it fell from 8% – the latest 7.7% – after six months, while in Hungary it reached 21.1%, the highest rate in the last 25 years.. ole with ole Still, in Latin America, they could say they would talk to Noah about rain. Countries that don’t know what low inflation is for a long time and without having to come from a distant galaxy.

And let’s use the term to be polite, as the party failed to complete in a scenario that would have scared Boris Karloff himself, the European Central Bank has already warned that it will take a long time, in the words of its executives. and thisso, ta, chan! , there will be a further increase in interest rates. A beautiful panorama.

Pablo Carrillo’s Panorama, Regional Sales Manager He sums it up in Logicalis as follows: Inflation agencies will take controlwhich is also strictly related to salary structure, operations etc. causes problems.. Along with all this, they will have to look for ways of efficiency as demand will also shrink. In this regard, technology is a good facilitator, helping to improve processes, make them more efficient and reduce the cost layer. Therefore, companies will have to apply all the creativity and effort to overcome a difficult economic situation, and therefore technology is consolidated as a big help in making them more competitive”.

technology against inflation

The experts consulted for this report do not hesitate to confirm that technology is currently and always the best weapon in the hands of companies to deal with this inflation scenario.

“Despite the current rise in inflation, digitization is positioned as a deflationary element: investing in technology allows companies to reduce costs in the medium and long term, as it improves the efficiency of processes. This means that any company, regardless of size, can automate, simplify or even eliminate certain tasks that would normally take a long time for its employees to complete,” says Antonio Budia, partners From Microsoft Spain.

Something Budia at Microsoft admits to us is what they call “digital perseverance.” In other words: “Digital transformation offers companies new frontiers in mobility, collaboration and productivity that seemed unthinkable a few years ago, empowering them and helping them create more job opportunities,” he insists.

That’s why this Microsoft expert thinks that the digitization of companies is key to the growth of the Spanish economy.

We were scarce… and semiconductors

The Spanish proverb is so rich that it has something for everyone and everything. We seem to forget that in a situation similar to the one we’re in, where Putin has been on his own for months and all the consequences of his course, there is one detail that remains unresolved and somehow disappears. even deeper is the problem we have. Reader, reader, welcome to the semiconductor crisis and what will bother you brunette.

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