Another Black Friday with technology

Another Black Friday with technology

concept Black Friday It has various origins, in the fifties some chiefs are said to be commemorated after that day. Thanksgiving for the many workers who said they were sick.

In the 1960s, however, police officers Philadelphia They used the term to describe the busy shopping crowds and traffic that plague the city center after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday or Black Friday (Spanish literal translation) is an event that marks the beginning of the end of the year shopping in most countries where people have the opportunity to save and buy gifts due to the high discounts shown by different shops.

It is another tradition based on culture. american unionCelebrated the day after Thanksgiving and popularly known as Black Friday, this day has become a term used by small and large stores to ensure that they can close the year with strong profits. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas This meant acquisitions and heavy spending. great depression.

It starts November 25th today, although some stores are starting earlier, as is the case with Amazon, the online sales company that will celebrate from November 24th.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November to give way to Black Friday, followed by Thanksgiving soon after. cyber monday; With the advancement of technology, this is a bargain, but online.
There are some products worth buying on Black Friday and others that don’t have to be so early. Here are some suggestions:

i will start with toysThis is a must. Since we have to buy them before they run out when there are children at home, there have been discounts of up to 50% on some toys in the last few days before New Year’s, and we continue with hours. smartphones, jewelry, small and large kitchen appliances, computer accessories (external storage, memory cards, cables, keyboards, headphones and other similar devices), tablets, laptops, streaming service, online subscriptions, video game console bundles, televisions, robot vacuum cleaners, smart lights and thermostats, fitness trackers and equipment, Amazon products (Amazon’s biggest discounts come at the expense of its own products like Kindle, fire tablets, echo speakers, and credit cards). present).

[Img #94391]Finally, online salesIf a store is closed on Thanksgiving or there are no stores at all, stay in the warmth of your home and smash through the online doors, purchases like perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, gadgets, chocolates and flowers will be the most demanded on the web.

As with Black Friday, people have the opportunity to do their year-end shopping – the Christmas season has started – and around 140 million people are expected to shop, especially between Thursday and Monday.

In short, the trade and logistics industry continues to face a more challenging Black Friday than ever, led by technology and new regulations in force.

As always, we hope to see you in the next article titled “We live in an age where everything is getting smarter”.

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