Board launches four technology and software development courses to be taught at the Malaga PTA

Board launches four technology and software development courses to be taught at the Malaga PTA

The Ministry of Labour, Business and Self-Employment has designed a range of courses for: To respond to the deficiencies and training needs identified by the companies in the sector Technology and Communication Malaga. These training actions are carried out at the request of Málaga Tech Park (PTA), which is preparing a content proposal in the field of digital technology and software development. Courses will be developed From January on Remedios Rojo Public Vocational Training Center for Employmentin the Technology Park itself, as announced by the advisor of this department this Friday in Malaga, white dew. is planned to be created. 60 peopleboth unemployed and employed.

The educational act will consist of four lessons, with 15 students each. First to focus ‘Cloud Native Software Engineering’ and will last 210 hours. latter ‘Artificial Intelligence Specialist’ and will consist of 230 hours. with them other ‘Planning computer security in the company’ (80 hours) and Responding to cyber security incidents (86). Those who are interested can contact by phone. Employment Department website. The project has a budget of just over 118,000 Euros.

Blanco highlighted that this program has influenced the development of short courses that allow students to train in the digital skills that companies are currently demanding.

Rocío Blanco is in Malaga this Friday. Alex Zea

The consultant also mentioned Program launched a few days ago with Vodafone that will enable 3,240 Andalusians (1,080 in Malaga) to receive training on 5G technologies within two years. “We’ve already received over 1,000 applications in four days,” he said.

As the head of employment recalls, DigitalES Association of Technology Companies More than 120,000 unfilled technological vacancies in Spain. Software development, systems, networks and CPD, cyber security or Big data are some of the prominent areas.

Transition to the “entrepreneurial” mentality

Rocío Blanco joining Malaga this Friday Information meeting with the heads of the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA), Javier González de Lara and the Federation of Self-Employed Workers’ Associations (ATA) Lorenzo AmorHe also drew attention to the “change of mindset” among the Andalusian population, who now “believe in entrepreneurship”.

The consultant stressed that this is from one “subsidized and ideologized economy” to another “believer in entrepreneurship” and “it is facing the rest of the autonomous communities for the first time”.

Accordingly, the consultant evaluated that this autonomous community now has “a significant focus of interest” among “investors of all kinds” and considers that “the ecosystem being created is very conducive to job creation”.

In this context, Rocío Blanco warned: “Administrations do not create employment, those who create employment are businessmen and self-employed”and governments should focus on “promoting the right environment to channel the joint effort made by entrepreneurs and the self-employed”.

The consultant also noted that the “institutional stability climate” and the “budget” perceived in Andalusia are close to final approval of the Junta’s 2023 Budgets, and also “Removal of administrative barriers”.

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