Do you know ComputerHoy Podcast?  We tell you everything you need to know |  technology

Do you know ComputerHoy Podcast? We tell you everything you need to know | technology

We tell you everything you need to know about the ComputerHoy Podcast, the weekly space where we talk about entertainment and technology casually but without neglecting objectivity and rigor. Find out who we’re doing and how you can listen to us.

If you’re following us, you already know that we do a lot at ComputerHoy. We try to tell you every day technology news We speak carefully but at the same time in a way that everyone can understand. fun, video gamethings for the home and scientific curiosities.

Our strength is, of course, technology and therefore our main content together with technology. The analysis we bring to you every weekand since our purpose is to entertain and teach, some time ago digital audio file.

And this, A format we love. It’s something we’ve been working on for several years, and the truth is, it’s a place where everyone involved has known each other for years and we can talk about what we love most. where there is trust.

I think that’s something we’ve managed to convey in each episode. But hey, let’s get back to business, because here we’re going to talk about the basics of the ComputerHoy podcast: what topics we cover, who we are and when you can listen to it.

What are we doing on the ComputerHoy podcast?

The first 15 minutes of the podcast, more or less, we approach them as a gathering among friends to warm up. Instead of talking about our personal issues, we decided to “warm up” by talking about our favorite things: movies, TV shows, books, and video games.

Every week we tell you what we’re testing and the latest news from the world of technology, whether we like it or not, but we also catch the week’s top movies and TV shows. here is our partner ekaitz ortega -responsible for entertainment area at HobbyConsolas, which keeps us up to date with the latest developments.

But after all, is basically a tech site.. We conduct some of the most in-depth analysis in the industry, covering parts that can be approached this way in an objective way, and also trying to provide context when speaking from a subjective point of view.

But podcasting is one area where we can “leave” something else, and each week we choose very carefully which products we talk about. Y, After a few fun first minutes, we completely immerse ourselves in telling you about our experiences during the analysis of the latest devices on the market..

There are weeks when we post many tests, but we always choose the ones we think might be the most interesting. Either because they have a standout episode, because they can be controversial, because they’re original, or because we just love them and think they might be interesting to you.

Ruben Andres -technology editor at ComputerHoy- and Alejandro Alcolea The Lab Manager at ComputerHoy is responsible for running this section, but our colleagues sign up from time to time. Chema Karvajal, Jesus Maturana anyone Ann Cherre for talk about the device they’ve been analyzing for the past few days.

When can you listen to ComputerHoy Podcast?

The podcast went through several stages. The first was done quite radiophonically: various parts of the podcast were recorded and these were later combined and broadcast as one episode. In the second time, we switched to live format, but we recorded again in order to get a better quality product.

Right now, it’s a no-cut “pull” recording where the participants come together at the same time, we start the conversation, and when it’s done, we go through a little editing process to add the sounds, the background music, and the distinction between. different stages of podcast. And once it’s ready, we can make it available to our audience.

At the moment, we release the podcast every Saturday at 9am (Spanish peninsula time). Why did we choose this day and this hour? Well, since podcasts often depend on devices whose analysis will appear on the web that weekend, and so, if you wake up, make yourself a coffee and read the texts, you have a format where we tell you the same thing. , but in a different, more “informal” way.

Where can you follow the Podcast?

And now the most important thing: Where can you listen to the ComputerHoy podcast?. Well… almost everywhere.

We recommend that you follow Our YouTube channel, even in the background, this way you can face us and everything will be a little more personal. But we are also on various podcasting platforms.

Here we leave you the links to the most important ones so you can Bookmark us on your favorite podcasting app:

If you’re interested in following us to stay up to date with the week’s releases and, above all, to get our opinions on the products we’ve tested extensively, we think it’s a wide variety of platforms.

If you also want to dive into TV series, movies and video games, don’t miss this opportunity. Weekly programming by our colleagues at HobbyConsolasbecause they have a lot of fun formats.

If you’ve already followed us, thank you. Y If you have just discovered us, we hope you feel at home 🙂

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