Do you know how to take a good free kick?  Compare yourself with the best with the help of technology

Do you know how to take a good free kick? Compare yourself with the best with the help of technology

remaining magic maradonaprecision Messiquality Peleprinted devil thread robert carlos or cold but sure application Cristiano Ronaldo Show that some footballers have a special talent when it comes to free throws.

Now, do you have Formula for perfect free kick? Argentine unicorn using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biomechanical analysis globant analyzed More than 100 hours archive of great experts and experts at the auction of these executionsto determine exactly that, how to practice what they call the “perfect shot” (perfect shot).

Based on that hours of video they designed a software at Globant Ability to accurately describe the technical movements of the players, then create a 3D model that reproduces the basic movements. They then developed a data analysis and synthesis system that extracts common movements and generates the most relevant variants.

Globant created a model that allowed to determine how to move the body for a free kick.

For analysis, we considered: various stages of each auction: the most relevant variables for the shot, such as impulse stroke, next stroke, force generation, ball contact and average velocity curve, springs of tension at key moments, or body tilt when kicking. With all this, they created an experience that lets anyone take a free kick and know in real time how close or far they are from the perfect free kick.

Inside DOT exchange boothLocated in the Saavedra district of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, visitors can approach:until 4 December– and know if they’re close to reaching perfection in a free kick.

“With this work we combine a science like biomechanics with artificial intelligence uniquely analyzing a player’s performance. “It is a concrete example of how technology can help prepare and develop elite athletes to get better and better.” Augustine’s GardenVice President of Technology at Globant.

A view from the Globant tribune where free kicks will be used

It is not the first time that science and technology have been used to analyze this very special game that football has. A few years ago, sensors and cameras were used to analyze. How to take a free kick in Colombia. This was a study involving nearly 30 football players who attended the Kinematics lab of the Autonomous University of Manizales, using sensor clothing, kicking rubber balls covered with reflective tapes. All motion was captured by infrared and 3D cameras. Players used free throws and variables such as: approach, swing and impact phase, plus post impact.

Another study done, using mathematics and conducted in 2020 by experts from Queen’s University Belfast, UK.determined barriers reduce archers’ reaction capacity by 13%, and that his vision is blocked for approximately 200 milliseconds and the response time is up to 90 milliseconds slower than when unobstructed.

“We believe technology can fuel passion and elevate the sporting experience. We are proud to be able to actively work with key organizations in the sports industry such as FIFA or La Liga to continue to reinvent industries,” he said. Wanda Weigert, Executive Director and Global Chief Brand Officer, Globant Argentina. “The unexpected happens when technology and passion come together, and Perfect Shot is another example of that.”

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