Kyndryl was born from an IBM spin-off.

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Argentina subsidiary chindrillA global IT infrastructure services provider born as a startup in 2021 from an $18 billion spin-off from IBM has several open job searches.

As reported to iProfessional Mariano RagognettiThe Managing Director of Kyndryl Argentina is “in constant search for professionals in fields such as devops engineers” and they are in the cloud engineer profile.

Another profile is data expert in general, data scienceand security experts, according to Ragonetti, who in the following interview analyzes how the company’s first year of operation in the country went.

-How would you evaluate your leadership experience in this first year of Kyndryl in Argentina? What was it like to leave your 20-year career at IBM and become an entrepreneur?

-The experience of leading a company like Kyndryl Argentina is totally challenging, full of opportunities and learning. In my case, I held different positions in the business space of IBM for over 20 years, until I became head of Technology Services since 2018 when they called me to offer the position of general manager of Kyndryl Argentina. And from there we create a company with a startup spirit And we learned by leaps and bounds. You have to consider that we had to consolidate a company in the middle of the pandemic, and it wasn’t easy as we had to do it remotely.

And the result has been the building of a highly skilled team that provides services in specialized applications, accompanying their clients in their digital transformations day in and day out. Cloud, Applications, Data and Artificial Intelligence, security and resilience, Core Enterprise and zCloud, network and environment, digital workplace. Additionally, last month we announced the expansion of Kyndryl Consult, an expert-led client consulting app that advises on best digital environments and technology adoption strategies.

In addition, by becoming an independent company, we gained the freedom to invest in our alliances ecosystem. And alliances, both globally and locally, help us deliver the best solutions that adapt to our customers’ needs. We have succeeded in being the perfect strategic IT partner. This is because we have invested in the qualifications of our employees and have a highly experienced team to accompany our clients in their digital acceleration.

Mariano Ragognetti, CEO of Kyndryl Argentina.

-What job opportunities did you encounter this year after the pandemic and during the process of leaving IBM and how did it go?

-Certainly, the IBM spin-off meant a change for the computing ecosystem. Being independent has allowed us to expand market opportunities to work with many other major technology brands. In the last 12 months, Kyndryl has announced on a global scale: More than 20 new alliances and expansions Strategic partnerships with technological leaders such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, VMware, among others, and these partnerships give us the opportunity to diversify our solution portfolio, adapting to our customers’ environment and needs.

In addition, the pandemic has accelerated a previous process, the digitalization of businesses. And this process continues. Therefore, accompanying customers on their digital transformation path is a unique opportunity for Kyndryl. And we can do this in any part of your process. Infrastructure projectsin diagnosis, maintenance or operations, to name a few.

How has IBM’s corporate culture transformed into a focus on customers and people? What obstacles did they have to face and how did they overcome them?

-Kyndryl is a global-scale enterprise owned. 90 thousand professionals. Since the spinoff, we’ve been part of our culture’s definition of what’s called the “Kyndryl Way.” The values ​​we promote relate to the pursuit of a fast, flatter and more focused business model that allows decision making to be brought closer to customers to accelerate the transformation of their businesses.

To clarify what it consists of, the flatter approach implies, for example: our local operations are closer to global leadershipin this way, the procedures are faster and we can better respond to the customer’s needs.

Also, we have a more horizontal structure and this enables us to gain agility in all company decisions. Our foundation is cooperation, responsibility and excellence to maintain interdependence with customers and communities.

Another extremely important point for Kyndryl is, environmental applications social and social, adding value to customers and employees. For example, promoting long-term professional growth, promoting continuous skills development, considering inclusion, diversity and equality in all aspects of the company, as well as promoting social responsibility to have a good relationship with the community.

Kyndryl was born from an IBM spin-off.

-How will the local Kyndryl operation close this year?

-We have a solid presence in Argentina with technology integration skills and capabilities covering key industries of the local economy. At Kyndryl we serve some largest financial sector institutions in the country, as well as telecommunications companies, among other industries. We are closing a very good year.

For its part, we recently launched Kyndryl Bridge and Kyndryl Vital. Kyndryl Bridge is the new open integration platform that provides business leaders with real-time insight into IT capabilities and personalized control of their mission-critical operations. Adoption here is important because it allows the different leaders of the organization to access data, integrated information, analytics and recommendations relevant to their business. Next, the launch of Kyndryl Vital allows you to experience co-creation by helping customers design and implement innovative solutions or the required technology infrastructure.

kyndryl Bridge, vital kyndryl and our consulting services app, Kyndryl Consult, is ready to assist clients in their complex digital transformation journey, enabling them to benefit from their IT investment.

In recent months, Kyndryl, alliances, provision of advanced services (for example, automations) and our customers. These advances are preparing Kyndryl for long-term growth.

-What did you do to keep them from staying with IBM in Argentina? I’m talking about actions related to corporate image and brand.

-One of the biggest challenges was making it clear to the market that we are an independent company. It was very important to be a part of the definition of our culture from birth. And not just from the leadership, but every single Kyndryl was able to participate. co-creation of culture Employees at Kyndryl shared what they want for the workplace through a 3-day virtual event that we can all participate in. And this activity worked. It is the customers themselves who are observing a change in the way we provide service: being focused, empathetic, dedicated, agile, strong and quick are our values ​​and we apply them on a daily basis.

On the other hand, Kyndryl stands out in its market. decades of experience in mission critical support and the best technical talents in a broad partner ecosystem. And today, we design, build and operate computing environments that are personalized and tailored to our customers. The result of these differentiating features is that Kyndryl solutions give business leaders confidence that their critical operations will be durable and secure, and position us as a leading company in the market.

Kyndryl is a global enterprise with 90,000 professionals.

Kyndryl is a global enterprise with 90,000 professionals.

-Which partners are you currently working with besides IBM?

-Kyndryl has formed several strategic alliances this year. Some Microsoft, Google Cloud, Amazon Web ServicesDell, Lenovo, Veritas, Red Hat, Cisco, Oracle, among others.

One of the positive aspects of these alliances is that we flexibility responding to clients’ business needs and making us an impartial strategic advisor to companies to accompany their digital acceleration.

It is important to value this flexibility, above all, today. today the market requires much more expertise.

-What are the main commercial challenges of Kyndryl in Argentina today??

The computer market in Argentina is very dynamic. There is a constant demand for projects and technical capabilities in many technologies. At Kyndryl, what we seek is to help our customers anticipate change, thereby reducing uncertainty and growing in the future.

Our mission is to help companies in Argentina accelerate their operations. digital transformation. To get an idea, digital modernization is a hot topic on the company agenda, but it is a problem if digital tools are implemented without proper security control. In addition, the lack of a team trained in critical IT skills is an even greater barrier to growth at the required pace.

In parallel, CIOs are looking for simplified technologies that can optimize costs. And what Kyndryl offers in this framework is a reinvention of how to approach the management of technological infrastructure; for example, customers get a new level of visibility and insight into their data, via our new Kyndryl Bridge platform. Knowing, identifying and capitalizing on hidden opportunities is a challenge to the development of Kyndryl’s business in Argentina.

Kyndryl's offices are located in Martínez, north of Greater Buenos Aires.

Kyndryl’s offices are located in Martínez, north of Greater Buenos Aires.

-How is the digital transformation processes market in Argentina? Is there room for migration projects, applications and infrastructure?

The digital transformation of companies in the country is a must. And the epidemic forced many areas to take this step. For example, medicine had to turn to telemedicine in many casesand in all industries this step required a great deal of technological work.

However, there are other difficulties, for example climate change or ongoing cyberattacks that do not allow companies to let their guard down in the face of innovation and technological evolution. There are also many migration projects to both public and private clouds, another focus is networks (5G, open products), data usage and security. This last point is challenging as we must always be prepared for a potential attack and we must be aware of the importance of implementing defense and protection strategies in cybersecurity.

Moreover, Increasing demand for digital companies outstrips companies’ readiness to face it. An example of this is the growth of the digital payments and electronic purchasing ecosystem. And before that, organizations look for…

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