Literature |  Jug technology with Isaac Rosa - El Salto

Literature | Jug technology with Isaac Rosa – El Salto

The year is about 2030

Botijo ​​is its symbol. It is a brilliant technology that maintains warmth and preserves one of humanity’s most valuable and dwindling goods. It’s also an excellent metaphor for the philosophy of the movement aimed at restoring old technologies.

After all, the revolution wasn’t about attacking the Winter Palace or guillotining the daughters of King Felipe or the president. Eventually everything started to happen slowly, in silence, between the cracks. Human repopulation movements of rural movement driven by various power vectors. Impossible life in big cities. Suffocating digitization. Anxiety.

Given the emerging and undeniable nature of the climate emergency, the exponential difficulties of maintaining what we call social peace in major cities, and the rise in violence, the Government has decided to devote a minimal portion of their budget to helping and promoting. communities leaving cities to try to build sustainable self-sustaining projects.

Some say these communities are doing the work the government is supposed to do. There are those who say that they are people who paripé just to get about 400 euros a month from the deposit.
The Castilla La Mancha Public Administration has placed a plaque with six names on each of the rescued village projects, as well as providing aid and subsidies for people’s re-living in rural areas.

Year 2022

Isaac, Pablo, Isabel, Gonzalo, Milagros, Daniel and Javier have to pay 110,000 Euros to the Castilla La Mancha Public Administration. Otherwise they will go to jail. His crime: attempting to rebuild and start a community project in Fraguas, a town in the state of Guadalajara with fertile land for cultivation, fruit trees, and easy access to water.

These six are part of the Fraguas Revive collective, which was born in 2013 on a rural slum venture in a small abandoned neighborhood in the northern mountains of the state of Guadalajara. The 20th-century town was forcibly evicted during the dictatorship in 1968 to devote its land to the pine monoculture. After that, the Spanish military began using this area in the 1990s as an occasional shooting range and place to practice explosives.

Then, in 2013, this group of young people came in contact with the town’s former displaced residents, the neighbors of the surrounding towns, to tell them about their rural community projects and to try to imagine and create other ways of life. benefit from the wisdom of those who already know how to live there
And why do they have to pay 110,000 euros? Since the administration has an agreement with Tragsa company, the cost of demolishing the houses built by the slums and removing the garbage in the abandoned area has been calculated in this amount. Despite the company valuing these shares at 43,000 euros in the initial report. The more than double increase, which already doubled an old assessment of 23,000 Euros, was in no way explained or justified.

Finally, as Rosa imagined it in her safe placegovernments will minimally abandon their five-year plan in the service of capitalism and the private sector and start dedicating some of our money to helping us live and revitalize the world, plaques will certainly be dedicated to 6 people imprisoned for doing what the government would encourage.

At a time when all political cultural projects are supported by these new crowdfunded resistance boxes, it seems like a miracle to spare a few euros to pay the fines of six Fraguas and save them from the sack.

The Post Apocalypse Nau episode was delayed, recorded at a date we don’t remember exactly, but in early November. However, all our radio stations continued to play on Radio Almaina, Radiopolis, Ágora Sol Radio, Irola Irratia, Radio Kras and Radio Argayo.

[00:12:00] He joined us as an honorary member of our association. Kings of Jitsi Isaac Rosa is a writer who has managed to deftly reflect many of the real issues that concern us, such as insecurity, job pressure, or housing. This has not only won him awards, but he has also succeeded in being one of those writers whose books have succeeded in freeing us from the individualizing guilt of our suffering and able to look at the structural problems that cause them. We talked to him about the pitcher and its technology, giant cockroaches, or the fight against time as a path to other possible worlds.

[00:47:47] We try to pretend the show is being recorded live and then we put Feeds N Chips at the beginning of the interview and things go wrong. But this is not a hindrance to give you the page with the update of the solarpunk competition in Mastodon, the antitrust laws of messaging systems in the EU, the bridges between the Matrix and Telegram, the data extraction wrappers for information that make up very heavy applications and the forms of consumption we have adopted with social networks.

In this program they sang:

I want a barricade. Lady Alkalina, El Chirly and D. Rat.
Woodworm is optional. Green Sauvage
Marble Carpet. skin teeth

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