one of the most interesting phones of the year

one of the most interesting phones of the year

Blackview has successfully established itself as a leading brand in the rugged mobile industry. However, he also decided to bet more than once for thinner and more stylized designs. It was this thought that brought the Blackview A95 to life. Award-winning among users for its careful design and ease of use.

Now, Blackview has decided to launch another offer. The company wants to explore a new aspect of smartphones to meet the demands of customers: beauty. a) Yes, the Black Appearance A85 It is presented as a mobile prepared for everyone’s high expectations.. For this, it not only equipped it with an elegant design, but also provided NFC multifunctional tools that were not available in previous devices.

On the other hand, it is characterized by its appearance. 6.5 inch diagonal screen. This panel is embedded in a slim body that is 8.6 mm thick and weighs 198 grams. In the materials used, the use of rear glass and a matte finish stand out.

On the other hand, its technical features ensure excellent enjoyment of the terminal. Blackview A85 It has a 4480 mAh battery and 18W fast charging.. Its 128GB internal storage can be expanded up to 1TB using TF card. All of this is supported by 8GB of RAM and dual 4G support, expandable up to 6GB.

Great design: 6.5-inch 90Hz display

The Blackview A85 screen prepares for a viewing experience that the company describes as “wild”. for him, They arranged a 6.5-inch panel that can move at 90 Hz.. Let’s remember that most mobile phones today continue to use a 60 Hz display, so this increase is grateful and noticeable, with 50% more bezels than a classic screen.

On the other hand, Blackview A85 comes as a much lighter proposition than Blackview A95. Only 8.49mm thickness and 193g weightEven when you hold it with one hand for a long time, it will make you feel very comfortable without any weight pressure.

As for the colors in which we can find this Blackview A85, we have three variants: Sky Mirror, Space Black and Deep Sea Blue. The colors are quite recognizable from those already seen in the brand’s other mobile phones, especially the Sky Mirror, a variant where they put special effort into translating the colors of the celestial case into a mobile device.

A high-end camera setup

One of the most notable things about this Blackview A85 is that it can offer customers exclusive access to try out the professional features of their camera. The device uses the 50 MP Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor as the rear camera, which specializes in low light photography. Provides up to 16% improved light sensitivity thanks to technology 4-in-1 pixel grouping.

An official leak reveals that the Blackview A85 can be used in a variety of photography scenarios, including the most important: Night Pro mode, Pro mode, HDR, Portrait, Panoramic and 1080p video recording.

We also have the possibility to take photos in wider mode. offers us an ultra-wide 120-degree view. Blackview A85 allows us to get closer to even the smallest details with the macro shooting mode of its 8MP camera.

Wider shots are suitable for shooting some relatively large scenes. such as photographs of majestic and magnificent natural landscapes, tall buildings and groups of people. Macro photography of flowers, grass, leaves, water drops, insects, etc. It’s good for shooting small things like It helps us discover new micro-worlds that we cannot see with our eyes. If you like to shoot landscape, portrait or macro work, Blackview A85 is one of the best choices for producing good images with high quality performance.

Smooth, premium performance

As for its processor, Blackview is expected to feature an octa-core UNISOC T606 processor, 8GB of RAM and up to 6GB of expansion. This will allow you to have faster and more efficient processing of daily tasksas well as multitasking.

On the other hand, it offers high-end storage, not just because of 128GB of storage; but also for Ability to expand up to 1TB With TF memory usage. So you can store a wide variety of photos, videos and files.

Another leak makes the Blackview A85 make Android 12 one of the highlights. Moreover, It would have Doke OS 3.0, an update to Doke OS 2.1 That’s what we’ve already seen on the A95. The new version of Blackview A85 offers users a more comfortable and stable experience. With convenient smart floating windows, it’s easy to access apps, make to-do lists, or save thoughts with an updated notepad and save power with CPU scheduling.

One battery for the whole day

Blackview A85 is likely to have a 4480 mAh battery. The large battery of the device will make it possible to say goodbye to energy anxiety, because easily supports all-day useeven if you forgot to charge it before leaving the house.

Moreover, 18W fast charging ensures Blackview A85 only takes a few minutes to fully charge, so you don’t have to worry about any of this. In turn, it offers a sense of security thanks to its long-lasting battery and makes our life a little more comfortable with extremely fast charging.

What will be the price of this Blackview A85?

It is expected that Black Appearance A85 Comes at a cost of $109.99. It would also start selling. Between November 24 and 29, in PST time zone. Official leaks suggest that this price could drop even more, thanks to promo codes and coupons.

Want to know the latest news about Blackview A85? Just enter the official website black view For more information about.

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