Ryzen 7000 Notebook APUs Will Have RDNA 3 Integrated Graphics

Ryzen 7000 Notebook APUs Will Have RDNA 3 Integrated Graphics

The release of the AMD Ryzen 7000 received mixed reviews as they offer a good leap in performance compared to the Ryzen 5000, but on the other hand, their high price doesn’t make them attractive to most users. However, in the portable sector, this is where these processors of the future, or rather Ryzen 7000 APUs, will be of great interest because the good news is coming. According to driver patches, reportedly Ryzen 7000 APUs your family Dragon Mountains and Phoenix Point Will have Integrated RDNA 3 GPU.

If we were to make a comparison between laptops and what interests us most is to see how efficient they are. long battery life We can observe a hierarchy. First of all, we have MacBook with Apple chipusing ARM architecture and without a doubt are the most efficient. But most of us are interested in other laptops, so we have to choose between Intel and AMD. In terms of energy efficiency, laptops Processor AMD Ryzen destroys Intel CPUs. In general, we can go to reviews and see that there are small and thin laptops with: AMD Ryzen APU with iGPUmanage to last for hours and at the same time play some games properly.

Upcoming Dragon Range and Phoenix APUs will come with iGPU RDNA 3

An AMD engineer has released a patch for the Linux Kernel, which adds support for the integrated graphics of future Ryzen 7000 APUs. Ryzen 7000 Phoenix Point It would be RDNA 3, now it’s Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range will integrate with RDNA 3. Both Phoenix and Dragon Range are codenames for AMD’s future architecture mobile processor families. Zen 4. Starting with these, we can distinguish them. Dragon Rangewill range high performance.

This is the new generation Ryzen 7045, an odd-sounding number, but it corresponds to the new terminology AMD has chosen. With Dragon Range, we will have processors with the following features: 16 core Zen 4 Together 55W PTO. If we add the integrated RDNA 3 graphics to these, we will have really powerful APUs. Extremely high consumption at maximum performance. As stated in the Linux patch, support is for APUs. SoC21 and GFX1103Displays AMD’s CPU and GPU codenames.

Phoenix APUs will have powerful RDNA 3 graphics and a TDP of 35W.

Productivity on AMD Phoenix Ryzen 7000 Notebooks

For anyone who doesn’t want to have a 55W TDP and lots of cores in a laptop, the alternative would be to choose the Phoenix series. These correspond Ryzen 7040belonging to energy efficient APUs. Therefore, they will have a maximum of 8 cores and will focus on graphics power. We’ve seen multiple leaks with information about these, and the interest in them is huge. Not for the less, because a few months ago they already said that Ryzen 7000 Phoenix’s iGPU RDNA 3 performs like an RTX 3060M. It’s really hard to imagine, because if they did, we’d be talking about an integrated graphics that could practically compete with a dedicated mid-range GPU.

This means that there are graphs such as: NVIDIA RTX 3050 waves AMD RX 6500M and RX 6300M With this future AMD APU, they wouldn’t make sense as long as the price was right. For now, we can only wait, but the point is, we have leaks that both Phoenix Point and Dragon Range will have RDNA 3 APUs, and that’s great news. Open release date We know it will be for 2023, but we don’t have any more details that we hope will be announced in 2023. CES 2023. If all goes well and they really perform as expected, only Imagine a future Steam Deck with RDNA 3.

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