Spencer praises STADIA technology, but thinks Google made a mistake

Spencer praises STADIA technology, but thinks Google made a mistake

Spencer praises STADIA technology, but thinks Google made a mistake

After his great failure, Google STADIA It will permanently close its doors at the beginning of 2023. Although cloud technology will continue to be used in other company projects, the gaming platform will be completely forgotten.

Microsoft and Xbox are very involved in the cloud gaming industry, so Phil Spencer finally decided to talk about the Google project and its end. From his point of view, the company did a lot of things right, but also hinted that Xbox made a mistake it tried to avoid at all costs.

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STADIA technology and hardware convinced Spencer

Overall, Spencer thinks Google has had success with STADIA, particularly in terms of cloud technology applied to games and the hardware it has released for the service. He explained that he had many acquaintances working on the project and that he was satisfied with the results.

“I have many friends who work at STADIA and have been there from the very beginning. I love their investment in technology. “I think they’ve done a good job building a cloud platform and the hardware they have is solid.” Boundary (via 9to5Google).

On the other hand, he believes that the service technology will be useful despite the shutdown. Spencer found the idea of ​​instantly delivering games to users on YouTube and various social networks very appealing, so he thinks Google will put it to good use in the future.

“I think there is a real use of cloud infrastructure that allows creators to distribute the game to their customers almost instantly. As an option for them, not except those who download and play games. I definitely see it and I think what Google has created will find a real application out there. There’s no doubt about it. ,” said the Xbox manager.

Spencer thinks Google made a mistake despite praise

Spencer didn’t directly talk about STADIA’s stumbles, but some of his statements make it clear that he doesn’t agree with the strategy Google has followed for its service. He confirmed that his approach is very different from Xbox, as it favors the contract of service and the purchase of games in this ecosystem. Instead, Xbox has given gamers another option to enjoy their favorite games without straying away from consoles or computers, systems that are already familiar to everyone.

As such, Spencer argued that Google’s mistake was to base its subscription service on “buying games early in the introduction of a new technology” rather than “starting with something with a lower marginal cost to a customer.”

“We added [juegos en la nube] consoles and PC, so we’ve given people a choice on the devices they already love to play games on. (…) Not to be against consoles or PC, but to embrace and expand the devices people like to play games with and give them more choice, including the business model for how a customer builds their library. ” Spencer concluded.

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