We tested the Huawei X Pro, a laptop that wants to rival Apple's Macbooks

We tested the Huawei X Pro, a laptop that wants to rival Apple’s Macbooks

Huawei After a drop in sales due to loss of access to the Google Play Store, it focused its strategy on devices outside the mobile phone market. In the field of informatics, Matebook X Pro Its jewel in the crown and its most ambitious claim: a high-end ultraportable we’ve been testing for two months.

Speaking of its design, Huawei has made a great effort to differentiate itself with a magnesium case and an innovative painting system that gives the device a very special touch. It also makes it less slippery when holding. The thickness of the Matebook X Pro has not increased, although its screen is larger than its predecessor, staying at a comfortable 15.5mm. The switch from aluminum to magnesium allowed it to maintain a very balanced weight and improve the panel.

many ports

The camera is located at the top of the screen and takes up very little space. It was quite successful to remove the front camera under the keyboard, which records at an angle that does not suit anyone. One of the camera 720p resolution. Although it does not improve over the previous model, it is sufficient for video conferencing. Especially if a laptop of this price could reach 1080 resolution. currently about 1,900 Euros.

This is the new version choose USB-C as the only port, there are two on the right. On the left are two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 3.5mm jack connector for connecting headphones or microphones. Of course, bring an adapter in case you need another type of port. Huawei has filled the Huawei X Pro with inputs that are unusual and appreciated in such a light laptop.

As for the keyboard, we must say it is excellent and feels comfortable. The extra-large touchpad with a tactile feel and gestures as if it were a mobile phone screen is another of Huawei’s achievements.

good screen

One of the best points of this laptop, 14.2 inch touch screen It is used at the maximum with a resolution of 3120×2080. Color rendering is excellent and has been significantly improved over the previous model. To give one, the only drawback we can highlight is that some inevitable reflections appear where there is a lot of lighting.

power button It is also a fingerprint reader It provides extra security to the laptop. The speed of the fingerprint reader is accurate, we never noticed any lag at boot.

Probably on this laptop one of the best sounds in its price rangeIt sounds clear and powerful. The previous version was already successful, but now it has been significantly improved thanks to its six speakers.

The processor is the 2.1GHz Core i7-1260P, the latest generation chip from Intel’s EVO series. The best that can be equipped. Despite its power, the laptop is quiet, that is, the fans are practically not noticeable, as in other models.

charging fast, 90 W with a battery larger than 60 Wh. This allows the laptop to be charged in one breath. Approximate autonomy is about 9 hours, but of course it always depends on its use.

Good but a little expensive

The Superdevice software, which allows you to interact with the Huawei ecosystem, which we mentioned earlier in ABC, with Wi-Fi 6E, increases the possibilities of the Matebox X Pro many times over. Especially if we have more Huawei devices.

The brand didn’t skimp on these features in the Matebook X Pro, keeping up with the high-end features on the market, which translates into a high price. In this case, as we said, We’re talking about 2,000 euros. It is up to the user to decide on this device or go for a cheaper device that can give it good performance. And there are some on the market, especially if we don’t need the most powerful computer.

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