What are the best iPhones to buy?  3 Overdue Models Worth Having

What are the best iPhones to buy? 3 Overdue Models Worth Having

If you are a fan iphone and you want to replace the current one model You don’t want to spend thousands of pesos on better and latest generation, here we share 3 old versions of smartphones. view They provided a good user experience and are worth buying.

great advantage of iphone (because you don’t like the idea of ​​using Android) is that you have so many options to choose from. versions from smaller and cheaper ones to technological beasts that are almost as capable as a basic computer.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and knowing these details can help you make the best decision when buying. That’s why technologist Carlos Vassan Top 3 iPhones of previous generations who are quite competent today.

Carlos Vassan’s analysis is quite special because it is based on his experience. mobile devicesbeyond going into technical and theoretical issues.

What are the last 3 iPhones worth having:

iPhone 11, best option to buy

According to Carlos Vassan, iPhone 11 It’s a great smartphone in terms of cost effectiveness, basically a deal, plus it stays up to date with iOS 16 using all the features of the software.

Its cameras are simple but without Optical Zoom; With Ultra Wide Angle, it’s a pretty busy tool, especially if you want to get a good shot.

It has good autonomy, wireless charging, and the ability to take photos and videos underwater (as long as it’s new and not repaired).

If you’re interested in buying it, he recommends going to the physical Apple store or refurbished Amazon stores, where you can find the 64GB model for up to 7,000 pesos.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, another “old man” you can buy

iPhone 12 Pro Max recommendation for users who love big screens; this model will be supported for a few more years and currently has great performance.

It has A14 processor, OLED display, 5G, 3 cameras that allow 4K videos at 60 FPS; It also has Magsafe wireless charging and excellent autonomy.

This model can still be found in new Apple stores for more than 30 thousand pesos. He recommends checking out the refurbished ones, which can be found for 19,000 pesos.

iPhone 14Pro, new and worth having

The latest model recommended as “better” is the iPhone 14 Pro, which technically has all the improvements of the current generation.

The Dynamic Island function, which is integrated into this new iPhone model and shows you different types of information without interrupting your work, stands out.

As for the price, here it already depends on the model you are looking for; but the cheapest 128GB costs 25,999 pesos in Mexico.

According to expert advice, if a iphone and we keep it in good condition, they can last more than 5 years at full capacity. Normally iPhones usually stop iOS updates after 5 years.

This does not mean that they can continue to be used for another year or two. The fluency of the operating system and the hardware they have have made their “usability” pretty good for years.

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