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“You have to let girls see that technology is great”

Forced entrepreneur. defined like this CEO and co-founder Fabiola Pérez, Myoti Tech & Business, A highly successful technology-based business school known for the number of students entering companies after taking their courses. However, she is one of the leading women in the innovation world who has never thought of dedicating herself to entrepreneurship. His initial goal, yes, was to work in the tech world. And “invent something”.

“I started my professional career in software development and you are starting to own your destiny in this world of product creation,” he says. When it comes to his company, it had a lot of decision-making capacity as it was a tech-based startup. “But I recently heard a saying that I really like: Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. You can work with perseverance and be successful by developing your career in entrepreneurship. Mine was the need to do things the way I thought they should be done”.

Fabiola Pérez really liked physics, math… In fact, when he was little, he invented a business, “nuclear thermophysics”, which he promoted around because he thought it was synonymous with creation, after all. It was already clear that I wanted to do engineering at university. Telecommunications was just getting started, it was booming, and he believed it would be a good way to commit to it. “I loved informatics. But I didn’t want to be a cable engineer or install, but to invent products from a technological base”. So, while finishing his final project, he started doing an MBA in software product design. “And I got my first job where I told myself I was only going to stay there for three years. I was thirteen years old”.

From employee to entrepreneur

He liked this: as mentioned above, he had a lot of decision-making capacity; faced new challenges, products came out every year, and he saw it as a very interesting, challenging world, which hooked him. “From there, I naturally came to entrepreneurship. I wanted it to be mine, to be proud of, to have more participation. I jumped into entrepreneurship when the company I worked for and managed to manage more than half of the business was sold to an American multinational. I developed some products there but it was not for me. I started to take charge too,” he explains.

According to her so-called female entrepreneurship has always been there, but in more technological entrepreneurship, fewer women are coming as business development careers. “Impressing and making visible the small generations where entrepreneurship is empowered with their own ideas and does them on their own is as important as making them visible. Male entrepreneurship is portrayed a lot because the tech world is mostly male, such careers are closely related to that gender, and we generate very few references.”

For years, her role has been to “make this group of twelve, fourteen-year-old girls see that technology is great” and, if they can, “not only have social networks but also “own” themselves.

On the other hand, Fabiola Pérez adds that when you see a learning pyramid that is very useful for entrepreneurship, it shows that the reader has learned something, and the viewer has learned. But the one who teaches is the one who learns the most. “I’m in the process of constantly learning and that’s what Mioti is for”.

Mioti, your business school

Mioti was born because, when you decide to start over after other experiences, He liked to keep working on what he was developing: artificial intelligence very close to computer vision, it wants to get into the Internet of Things. Therefore, when producing a product, neither startups nor large consultancies, large corporations, telecommunications companies, etc. He realized he wasn’t an engineer.

“We established Mioti in 2017 to cover that part as well, to educate those who cannot find these subjects at university and need them. Above all, in data science and the Internet of Things”. And from there they have evolved to cover all roles: cloud engineers, data, analysts, they will add cybersecurity to the masters… In short, fill in these gaps.

He also admits to obsessively watching LinkedIn. “Today there are 200,000 unfilled offers for remote data scientists, and that can be done from Spain. And in Spain, on a day like today, there should be 2,000 positions for data scientists”.

When asked how many people have left Mioti, Fabiola Pérez answers almost 100%, but says that they usually don’t, so that it doesn’t sound bad. “Very few people who come here are not unemployed. We specialize in building skills for better paid positions, better projects, better technologies, and there are many professional students who do. Offers come almost every day”.

It is also noteworthy that they are an institution with its own title and approval, “because it would be impossible to update the agenda in technology at this speed, we do it in almost every promotion. Anyway, we partner with entrepreneurship institutions like MIT to share faculty.”

The future of the company (and Pérez)

Finally, Fabiola Pérez points out that her future at Mioti is about to evolve for now: there is a lot of demand for the professions, they get some “great” reviews from their students, they have many recurring awards for it, they are working to develop the technologies necessary for companies. “This is why we want to grow, every year we grow in products, programs and our goal is to grow in Madrid and possibly all regions of Spain and internationally in the coming months.”

As for himself, his goal is to continue building a company. “Of course, solve problems through technology. To undertake and create new ventures yes but above all my aim is to learn from what we teach in school. Keep learning and see how we can apply this and give meaning to these companies”.

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